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We often feel like we can't go to God or speak to Him, or that He's this big God in heaven who is unreachable and that when He speaks, it will be terrifying, similar to how the Israelites felt when God began to speak to them in the book of Exodus. I'd like to share something with you that I was writing in my devotional time, and it felt as if God was speaking to me and telling me to share it with you.

Come to me, my child, my beloved; this is your time to come and have an honest conversation with me. Nothing is off-limits; simply show up as you are. Take a deep breath, just breathe, and invite me into your life so we can talk.

What would you say to God if you opened your heart and just talked to Him? What are your thoughts? Respect your time and space with the Lord your Father in heaven. Tell Him everything that has happened and is happening.


I can recall countless events that have dragged me into darkness and caused me to question God, to refuse to speak to God, to say, "This is your world, and whatever you have for me is that, and whatever you don't have for me is that as well." I stayed on that path until I decided I was tired of just living a life that the enemy wants me to lay down and submit to him, forfeiting my inheritance in God's Kingdom.

1 Peter 5:6-7 Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.

We must humble ourselves before our Father, not in a master-slave relationship, but in such a way that we believe what God says about you and me over anyone's opinion, your own opinion, or anything else. Being humble before God means valuing who we are in Christ over who we are in the flesh. This means being free of concerns about what the world tells us, and with that knowledge, we will be able to encourage others to see themselves as God sees them.

I promise you that this was a difficult lesson for me because for the longest time I couldn't let go of the I'm not worthy enough and who am I that you should want to have a relationship with, and why would I deserve anything from you and God began to lovingly show me that I am more than what I had been struggling with, I am more than the baggage of labels that people have placed on me even to this day. I must change if I am to be liberated in God's presence and not continue to walk in the guilt and shame that I have always felt. I had to give my worries to the Lord because He truly cares about me and you. So today I tell you to take charge and begin communicating with Him, telling Him about your frustrations, hurts, shames, guilts, and afflictions. He already knows, but He still wants you to come to Him and tell Him.

I remember being in so much pain and hurt that I told God, my Father in heaven, that I was afraid to let go because I was afraid He would reject me and let me fail again. I said I feel faithless in how I feel about not letting go; this girl who loves you so much, and I can tell you that one, He did not break under my pressure, He did not turn away because He was hurt, He understood, and He still loved me through it, because He wants me to grow in righteousness and be with Him in heaven when all this passes away. He wanted me to get rid of the junk that was easily impeding my progress. I tell you that I am so grateful for the pain and shame that I now have a clear vision for myself, my future, and the future of my children.

So take a leap of faith and start talking to Him today! I adore you, and I hope to see you in my next post. MUAH kisses from both the Father and myself!

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