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It's vital that you get to know who you are, the person God created you to be. Knowing yourself entails understanding the God who fearfully and wonderfully made you. You know that you were made to do more and when you tell your friends and family that you have a specific calling or that you're trying to figure out what it is that God wants you to accomplish and do. When you share this, you will often hear them say to you stop wasting your time and your life chasing fantasies. The meaning behind this, is get a real job, and be average or ordinary. You know in your heart and spirit that you have been called to do something while living on the earth for God. I have tried explaining and sharing with people many times that I know that God has called me to do certain things, but all it has caused is conflict and me doubting if I have heard from God or am I tripping out. As time went by and after really getting to know God, I begin to understand more about me and than I begin to trust God more. There has been times that I have questioned the moves that I have made, but in the end God has shown up and made what seemed to be confusion very clear. I had to learn how to listen to God and know when He was speaking and when He wasn't, and that had to be learned by knowing who I was in God. You will make mistakes, but even in those circumstances or situations God is still making it right, but only when you trust His process. Everything is used for His glory and know that His hands are on your life.


I can share that when you begin to listen to God and begin to become more aware that He is calling you to do things that most people won't do, you will feel like your life is going to hell in a handbasket. The reason for this happening in your life, is because God is shaking up everything that does not belong in your life. You will see who is for you and who is not. This process is call "getting my life together"

Everything was going to hell in a handbasket throughout my "getting my life-together excursions", and everyone was watching it go by, yes, all eyes were on me. During this time as things were going crazy, I had to block out a lot of people in my life while I was navigating through the maze of mysteries that were allowing me to discover my mission and assignment in life. I knew I needed to be alone in order to figure out what God wanted to do with my life as I was rediscovering myself. My life appeared to be hectic, as if there was always something going on. I'm not sure if your life seems to be spinning out of control, but if it does, rest assure that you're on the right route. LOL That may sound absurd, but yet it is true. Although this may not appear to be looking like a promising future, I can attest that there is a better plan in mind.

I don't know if you believe in God, but He does have a plan for you, and I'm confident it's a good one. I was hitting a brick wall in my life before I hit a good streak, and it was costing me my mind, my mind, and my mind. I've said it a few times because I believed I was going insane for a while. I used to believe that no one could possibly have this much terrible luck in their lives, yet many individuals were going through the same thing and thinking the same thoughts I was. I must admit that I wondered where God was in the thick of it all, but he had a plan for me that I needed to follow in order for it to come to fruition.

I battled for years to identify and understand who I was. It's strange how many people will place a label and a spotlight on you while judging you based on your past and your sins. You spend your life attempting to remove the labels while entirely losing sight of who you are becoming and the purpose of God's plans for your life. Even so, you're seeking to dispel a slew of erroneous claims about who you are and being distracted by other people's opinions. Take a moment and regroup, reset, and refocus on yourself, God will give you the clarity that you need to have to do what you need to do. Spend time with God and find out what you're really here for and see how God is going to use this to take you to His next level for your life.

Psalm 46:10: 'Be still and know that I am God'

You will learn more about yourself and the creator we serve when you become still. God will help you submit to a larger and greater life with Him on your own terms. Believe in yourself and the value you bring to the table. God is going to accomplish something fresh in your life since you were incorrectly validated. Patience is a virtue, for His love is eternal.


Learning about yourself and what you want will help you create a purpose and vision plan for your life, family, and ambitions. It's a good idea to get out of the house, get your pen and paper, and find a quiet place where you can just breathe. Pray and ask God to give you clarity on how to define you and your time with Him by writing down some thoughts and goals that you want to attain. You'll wear yourself ragged and dislike everyone around you if you're always running around because you have debts to pay, family to care for, and errands to run. So, before you do anything else, spend some time to be alone with the Father and consider what you want your greatest and smallest achievements to be:)


Yes, I said it: Surprise Yourself and consider your options for the future. Make an impression on yourself by accomplishing things you never imagined you could. I promise you'll be ecstatically pleased and more loved as a result of your decision to try something different for yourself.

No longer do you have to wait for someone else's permission to live your life in order to feel worthwhile, happy, and confident! Make a check for your life and sign it, stating that you are the best version of yourself. Make this the day of (your name's empowerment)!

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Psalms 105:1 Oh, give thanks to the Lord! Call upon His name;  Make know His deeds among the peoples

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