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I want you to imagine achieving the life that you could only dream of. I want you to think of your life as being more than your circumstances and your problems. I know you have been through so much in life that you are probably thinking, "I could never have that," or "that is a nice thought," or "but my situation will never let me get that far!" Those voices of lies were all too familiar to me until I had to realize that God set me apart for a purpose.

Every pain and problem I faced, I could not figure out why was God allowing this to happen to me until things were at a standstill in my life and it hit me. I know about pain, problems, and heartbreaks and I was able to get through them. I was helping so many people get through their situations and I said "I can help people turn their pain into purpose and payments because someone needs you as someone needed me.

I had to learn my identity in God through Jesus and not in this world. For 24-Weeks I will teach you how to get out of the pit you are in. You will learn how to take all your problems and turn them into purpose, this is called the art of Pivoting. Not everyone can do this because sometimes life can hit so hard you want to give, and some unfortunately do. I will show you how to stand and succeed in the face of hell. We will get through together.

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Tesha Uniquely Fit

Wealth - Wellness - Wisdom 

God's Ambassador In Supporting Women to Fulfill Their God-Given Purpose

Psalms 105:1 Oh, give thanks to the Lord! Call upon His name;  Make know His deeds among the peoples

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