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What does inspiration mean to you? What does it mean for you to be inspired and enlightened by a thought or idea? When was the last time you were motivated to do something you liked, something you had always wanted to do, or when was the last time you told yourself you were going to a location you had been wanting to visit for years? I ask these questions because something has to ignite within you at some point to make you want to just go for it and be whom everyone says you'll never be. For years, I had to force myself to believe what was always within me.

I made a leap, regardless of what I had, what others thought of me, or what people said about me. Regardless of my background or whether I knew something or not, I went on a faith walk. I was criticized because I had faith because I was inspired by the one true creator who created me and believe that through Him, I can accomplish anything. Today, I encourage you to be motivated and take the risk you've always wanted to take. I'll tell you that no one has to see it or believe it as long as you believe it and know that everything is possible when you follow the Lord along the journey.

Fight for your faith, fight for what you want, and move mountains that are far too large for you to move. I'm laughing as I type this because I remember the photo with the baby cub in front and the lion in the back. This is you and me in the front, and OUR LORD is the LION in the back. We are capable of accomplishing anything in and through Him. So be inspired today, for you are not a defeated foe. You are a child of Most Highest Father God in Heaven.

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Psalms 105:1 Oh, give thanks to the Lord! Call upon His name;  Make know His deeds among the peoples

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